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Activities of the Association during the year 2012 were as follows:

1 - Distribution of food aids throughout the year on a quarterly basis for the associations, organizations and our registered alliances charity.

2 - Distribution of food assistance directly targeted to families registered with us.

3 - Provide scholarships for university students.

4 - Make Umrah flights for free for the poor people in Jordan.

5 - Donate with (1000) JD contribution to buy a bus for Um Romanah association for charity in Al Zarqa Governorate.

6 - To provide building materials worth (5000) five thousand Jordanian dinars to one of the Holy Quran memorization centers in the governorate of Ma'an region of Jordan.

7 - Design projects for sustainable development, to create and find jobs for almost ten families, will be implemented in the year 2013.

8 - Design capacity-building sessions for targeted development projects implemented in the year 2013.

9 - has been completed all of the requirements for our association of processing site and provide required furniture and open official records office and pay for a full year rent.


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